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Current Position

since 11/2015
Post-doctoral research associate,  ESMT European School of Management and Technology, Germany.

Working papers submitted for publication

Casajus, A., Huettner, F., The Coleman-Shapley-index: Being decisive within the coalition of the interested

Publications ORCID iD

Huettner, F., Boyaci T., Akcay, Y. (forthcoming), Consumer Choice Under Limited Attention When Alternatives Have Different Information Costs, Operations Research.
Casajus, A., Huettner, F. (2018), Decomposition of solutions and the Shapley value, Games and Economic Behavior, 108, 37-48.
Béal, S,  Casajus, A., Huettner, F. (2018), Efficient extensions of communication valuesAnnals of Operations Research 264 (1-2) 41-56.
Casajus, A., Huettner, F. (2018), Calculating direct and indirect contributions of players in cooperative games via the multi-linear extensionEconomics Letters 164, 27-30.
Béal, S,  Casajus, A., Huettner, F. (2016), On the existence of efficient and fair extensions of communication values for connected graphsEconomics Letters, 146, 103-106.
Béal, S,  Casajus, A., Huettner, F., Rémila, E., Solal, P. (2016), Characterizations of weighted and equal division valuesTheory and Decision, 80 (4), 649-667.
Béal, S,  Casajus, A., Huettner, F. (2015), Efficient extensions of the Myerson value, Social Choice and Welfare, 45 (4), 819-827.
Casajus, A., & Huettner, F. (2015), Potential, value, and the multilinear extensionEconomics Letters, 135, 28-30.
Huettner, F. (2015), A proportional value for cooperative games with a coalitional structureTheory and Decision, 78 (2), 273-287.
Béal, S,  Casajus, A., Huettner, F., Rémila, E., Solal, P. (2014): Solidarity within a fixed community, Economics Letters, 125 (3), 440-443.
Casajus, A., & Huettner, F. (2014), Weakly monotonic solutions of cooperative gamesJournal of Economic Theory, 154, 162-172.
Casajus, A., & Huettner, F. (2014), On a class of solidarity values, European Journal of Operational Research, 236 (2), 583-591.
Casajus, A., & Huettner, F. (2014), Null, nullifying, or dummifying players: The difference between the Shapley value, the equal division value, and the equal surplus division value, Economics Letters, 122 (2), 167-169.
Casajus, A., & Huettner, F. (2013), Null players, solidarity, and the egalitarian Shapley values, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 49 (1), 58-61.
Huettner, F. & Sunder, M. (2012), Axiomatic arguments for decomposing goodness of fit according to Shapley and Owen values, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 6, 1239-1250.

Previous Positions

09/2013 — 10/2015
Post-doctoral research fellow, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany.

03/2013 — 08/2013
Visiting research fellow, CRESE, Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France.

02/2008 — 10/2012
Ph.D. student of economics (University of Leipzig & Central-German Doctoral Program in Economics).

10/2007 — 03/2011
Mathematics, B.Sc. (University of Hagen).

10/2002 — 09/2007
Economics, Diplom-Volkswirt/M.Sc. equivalent, (University of Leipzig).

10/2005 — 07/2006
Visiting student at Bosporus University Istanbul, Turkey.

Further achievements